Vacation Rental FAQs

Resort Rentals of St. Augustine, Inc. makes renting your vacation home easy!  We understand that home owners have many questions so we have put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

What does Resort Rentals of St. Augustine do for Vacation Rental Owners?

We manage every aspect of keeping your property booked and ready for both guests and owners to enjoy.  Our goal is to generate the most revenue from your rental unit without you having to do the busy work involved with managing it.  We do everything!  We take photos, write property descriptions, and market to potential guests as well as manage the logistics of reservations, payments, check-in and check-out, housekeeping, light maintenance and emergency maintenance dispatch.  We make sure you can sleep well at night knowing your rental unit is being taken care of by an experienced property management company.

How easy is it to get started?

Very!  We can activate units that are existing vacation rentals usually within a few days.  Our contract has no minimum utilization commitments or start-up fees.  Activation includes shooting new photos, putting together detailed listings, establishing pricing, activating advertising on the web site and beginning to take reservations.

What kind of contract do I need to sign?

Our contract is straight forward and includes a 30 day termination clause for any reason.  If you are not happy with our service you can leave with a month’s notice.

Is there anything I am required to have in my vacation rental property?

Yes there is.  Guests expect a fully-functioning unit when they arrive complete with furniture, appliances, cookware, glasses, silverware, internet, TVs, etc. as well as a standard supply of linens.  We will provide you with a “Basic Furnishings” list.   We will work with you to make sure that you have everything in place.  Wi Fi is required in each unit.  Nicely decorated units tend to command more rentals and repeat business so we always encourage owners to have a home that shows well.  These days guests always “look before they book”.  A good test of whether or not you need to have something in your rental is to put yourself in a guest’s shoes.  If you were staying somewhere for a period of time what would you expect to have in that rental unit?

Do I need to have a traditional phone line/land line installed?

Yes.  Until St. Augustine Beach provides a higher level of cellular service we recommend one basic land line per unit primarily for emergencies.

What about linens?

We require the use of white linens only to include six (6) towels, hand towels and washcloths per two bedroom unit and eight (8) per three bedroom plus two sets of sheets per bed.  We have found this to be the most efficient, cost effective and sanitary program.  We keep these items in stock and replace them as needed at a minimal cost to you.  On the rare occasion we find damage to linens by obvious neglect of guests they will be billed.

What about cleaning fees?

Guests pay us directly for cleaning fees and we will schedule and pay the housekeepers. It will be our understanding that you wish to have your unit cleaned upon your, a friend or family departure unless you specifically tell us otherwise.  We’ll bill you for the clean on your monthly statement.  A list of instructions to follow upon departure will be provided in order to prepare the unit for cleaning.

When do I get paid for rentals?

We pay owners once a month.  You can expect a detailed owner’s statement showing how much rental revenue you earned as well as any charges you have incurred during the month along with a check for any rental income that will be mailed no later than 9 days after the last day of any given month.

What if I book the unit on my own?

No problem.  We will charge a reduced rate of 50% of your standard commission if you would like us to manage those guests (i.e. collections, customer service, check-ins, check-outs, scheduling cleaning, etc.).  We will work with you to get all the details we need and we will fully manage these bookings for you just like any booking we make.  If you wish to manage the guest yourself, we will block those bookings off in our calendar and no charges will apply.  PLEASE NOTE – If you rent your property on your own you are responsible for collecting and remitting both County and State sales tax to the proper taxing agency.

Why do you use commission-based pricing?

Commission-based pricing is the industry-standard for vacation rental property management firms.  That does not mean it is the only answer but we believe that it perfectly aligns our incentives with our unit owners.  We only make money when you make money and the only way to increase our revenue is to help owners increase theirs.

Do I have to obtain a State license for short term rentals or pay sales and tourist development taxes?

No.  Your unit will be licensed for short term (transient) rentals via our Collective License with the State of Florida Division of Hotels and Motels.  This license is required for any unit held out to the public for rentals less than 30 days.  Additionally we collect and pay all State and County taxes on your behalf.

What happens if there is an emergency?  Who does the guest call?

The guest calls Resort Rentals of St. Augustine.  During regular business hours they contact us at the office.  However, all guests are provided with an after-hours emergency number.  We take the call and dispatch the appropriate vendor or handyman to resolve the issue.  We will pay the invoice then bill you on your monthly owner statement.  This way you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for anything except a major repair.

May we allow pets?

This is up to each individual owner and, of course, your association documents.  In general we encourage it, as pet friendly properties are in high demand.  We do recommend limiting the number and size of pets.